The Aperta Project
The Aperta Project
Changing the narrative on sexual harassment

Me Too.

#MeToo has sparked renewed conversation about workplace sexual harassment. But are we talking about the right things?


The Problem


Most organizations are locked into a cycle of reacting to individual incidents after the fact, never stepping back to consider the underlying factors that make workplace harassment more or less likely to arise and persist.

Since only about 30% of workplace sexual harassment is formally reported, trying to prevent sexual harassment by optimizing your response to these complaints is like trying to melt an iceberg with a hairdryer.

Sexual harassment is a complex and persistent problem. To make real progress in addressing it we need to have a different conversation, once based on humility and curiosity.


Changing the narrative on sexual harassment


Our Mission

The Aperta Project seeks to engage leaders, HR professionals, and employees in a more productive and generative dialogue about workplace sexual harassment.


Toronto Tech Study

The study is aimed at helping leaders, HR professionals, and tech workers cultivate a more inclusive and welcoming tech sector.

Resources and Tools

Curated resources and tools for survivors, targets of sexual harrassment, and employers.

About Us

The Aperta Projects seeks to fully understand and appreciate the problem that we face, and identify new, more effective approaches to address it.